Article 13

“Toda persona tiene derecho a moverse libremente y elegir su residencia dentro de un estado. Toda persona tiene derecho a abandonar cualquier país, incluido el suyo, y regresar a su país”.
(art. 13 Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos)

ARTICLE 13 is an artistic and poetical witness, a memorial in homage to thousands of migrants who have disappeared. It gives them back a human face, flesh and identity, these anonymous ones lost in their quest for a world so-called “better”.

ARTICLE 13 evokes the big History through small stories.
This installation-show-documentary evolves progressively and transforms itself incessantly. The memorial makes concrete the scale of the phenomenon : statistical data, economics, geopolitics, making the disappeared real, setting things in place, a mixture of naive art and arte povera. Things with no intrinsic value have a powerful meaning since the migrants carry with them the same things wherever they come from : clothes, shoes, headgear, a water container, something to eat and personal effects (a photo, an amulet, a souvenir).    
Through all this inhabited installation, rise up words, snatches of life, accounts of human beings…
We remember that these migrants, before they became statistics and a number of disappeared reported in the media, or even dangerous suspects…are before all else human beings.

ARTICLE 13 drawing Portraits.
They are born out of desert sands, the bottom of the seas, containers, undercarriage housings, but also from the depths of our towns: the faces, these names, those stories, individual or of families, these courses of life and dreams of a better world.

ARTICLE 13 takes the form of a vast memorial, which unfolds in the town. 
It is inhabited by individuals and constructions, real or imaginary, by tiny details or monumental objects.
At night-fall, the spectators wander freely in the different spaces which make up this memorial.

ARTICLE 13 is a vast landscape which develops in different ways during the show.
There is the confrontation and continual play between warm light and cold, between the living and the inert, between the flame which symbolises memory and the fire which symbolises light and life, but also heat, thirst, burning and death.
…the sun attracts, but some have their wings burn or even worse…

ARTICLE 13 is played at night by 20 artistes to 2000 spectators who freely explore the 5 000 m2 of the setting.

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Direction and artistic co-ordination: Jorge Vargas*, Christophe Prenveille / Directing actors: Jorge Vargas / Sceneplay: Jesus Hernandez / Playwright: Noé Morales / Technical director: Olivier Brie / Design and build of things used in the setting Stéphane Abrioux, Karl Bouet, Stéphane Bouré, Gérard Court, Bruno Gastao, Fabrice Gilbert, Emmanuelle Guilbert, Nadine Guinefoleau, Yuka Jimenez, Jean-Marie Proust, Bernard Sissan, Iker Vicente* / Designer of video images Marina España, Raul Mendoza, Jorge Vargas / Video jockey and video display: Marina España / Original music Jorge Verdin, izOReL / Sound Dominique Cherprenet, Walter Jondeau /Lighting Emmanuel Cottin / Actors Manipulators Christophe Bricheteau, Didier Couchi, Jesus Cuevas, Yuka Jimenez, Alicia Laguna, Maria Luna de Los Angeles, Raúl Mendoza, Roukiata Ouédraogo, Jean-Marie Proust, Viany Salinas, Bernard Sissan, Mounira Taïrou, Franck Trillot / Artistic collaborations: Paintings and accessories: Patrick Singh / Accessories: Juana Inés Luna, Daniel Vilchis, Juan Pablo Avendano, Vladimir Garza O., Itandehui Méndez / Accessories photo – video: Dr. Jorge Durand / Poster design: Roberto Betancourt / Photography Sylvie Monier, Vincent Muteau / Production and distribution: Patricia Klein, Laurent Maurin, Gwenaëlle Morin-Ramaroson, Blandine Paillard, Christophe Prenveille (in France) and Alicia Laguna (in Mexico).
Small-part players A big THANK YOU to all the “migrants” who join our team for each show

*Members of  Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte, FONCA-CONACULTA



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June 7-9,  2012, Parque de Exposiciones, Noron, Francia