An immense wall blocks the horizon, a wall Mexicans call “The Wall of Shame”. This monolithic wall shows the ambiguity of the border relationship between Mexico and the United States. The applicants going through are always numerous; the coyotes get greedier every time and the police control of the American border is increasingly violent (…) Through a whole new and sometimes spectacular way, he [Jorge Vargas] transforms the scene into a transitional space where he focuses on the everyday attempts of Mexican illegal immigrants in search of El Dorado: a man who has departed and of whom nothing is known. His destiny: Texas. A woman who, through self-replication, tries to rebuild herself, seeking an identity, a body, a schedule. She begins an imaginary dialogue with the missing one. Throughout the play, the characters unfold, their faces multiply, into hundreds of thousands of identities that look alike, that make-up the image of a small town in endless exile, emptying itself inexorably. Amarillo is a physical theater show, in which its committed actors offer up a performance worthy of a ballet.


Emmanuel Serafini / Director Les Hivernales, Avignon





Creation and Cast: Raúl Mendoza, Alicia Laguna, María Luna, Vianey Salinas, Antígona González, Jesús Cuevas / Texts: Gabriel Contreras / Poem: Muerte (Death) by Harold Pinter / Lightning and Space Design: Jesús Hernández / Multimedia Device: Kay Perez / Video Production: Marina España, Raúl Mendoza, Kay Perez / Video Operation: Marina España / Original Music: Jorge Verdín – Clorofila / Voice, Music and Samplers: Jesús Cuevas / Sound Design: Rodrigo Espinosa / Technical Direction: Jesús Hernández / Technical Assistance: Antígona González / Mechanisms: Raúl Mendoza / Tableaux: Juana Inés Luna / Photography: Roberto Blenda / Production and Management Assistant: Sandra Patricia Díaz / Executive Production: Alicia Laguna / Spanish Staging:  Jorge A. Vargas* / Production: Teatro Línea de Sombra (Shadow Line Theater) and México en Escena (México Staged).

* Member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (National System of Art Creators), Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (National Fund for Culture and Arts)

This project was completed through the support of the professional artist group program México en Escena and Teatro Línea de Sombra A.C.





Premio a la mejor obra extranjera (Award for Best Foreign Film), ACE Awards, 2012, New York, U.S.A..

Audience Award, Festival EXPONTO, Ljubljana, Slovenia.



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