Baños Roma

Baños Roma

Roma Baths first came to be as a literary search for José Ángel “Mantequilla” Napoles, a former world boxing champion currently living in Ciudad Juarez. The play we finally produced became a sort of conjecture regarding some aspects of Mexican social and political reality; however, the play remains far from an actual and truthful construction of the real events. It is not a documentary, both the staging and the research were mainly focused on using imagination as a way of providing a sense and order, however fictitious, to an incomprehensible and ominous present.

The project may be understood as the events experienced by a group of collaborators working with TLS, during their time in Ciudad Juárez. Together, they seek out the former boxer, who twenty years before used to train young people in a place known as Roma Baths. On stage, five actors and a musician appear before the audience and narrate their personal experience through a succession of visual frames set out as a comic book page. The stage space, at first devoid of scenery, is gradually transformed into a ring, a gym, a bar, a map and a cemetery.





Creation: Teatro Línea de Sombra (Shadow Line Theater), Zuadd Atala, Jorge León, Alicia Laguna, Malcom Vargas, Antígona González, Vianey Salinas / Texts: Eduardo Bernal, Jorge Vargas, Gabriel Contreras / Extract from Prometeo by Rodrigo García / Singer: Jesús Cuevas / Space and Lighting: Jesús Hernández / Sound Creation and Original Music: Jorge Verdín / Image and Video: Marina España / Digital Animation: Malcom Vargas / Graphic Design: Malcom Vargas, Carlos Villa Juárez / Musicians on Stage: Los centauros del Olimpo / Assistant Director: Fabiola Mata / Lighting Operator: Ignacio Ferreyra / Production Coordinator: Patricia Díaz / Production Assistant: Moisés Flores / Executive Producer: Alicia Laguna / Idea: Eduardo Bernal y Jorge A. Vargas / Director: Jorge A. Vargas* / Production: Teatro Línea de Sombra and México en Escena (Mexico Staged).

Member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (National System of Art Creators), Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (National Fund for Culture and Arts)*.

This project was completed through the support of the professional artist group program México en Escena and Teatro Línea de Sombra A.C.





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August 4, Festival de Nuevo León Monterrey, México.

August 15 to September 1, Julio Castillo, Mexico City, México.

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September 28, Sala Octavio Trías FICH, Ciudad Juárez, México. 

September 30, F.I.T. Victor Hugo Rascon Banda, Ciudad Juárez, México.

October 1 and 3, Community Centers, Ciudad Juárez, México.

October 5, Museo INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts Museum), Ciudad Juárez, México.

October 12, Festival Mazatlán, Teatro Angela Peralta, Mazatlán, México.

November 17, 34 Muestra Nacional de Teatro de Durango, México.

November 29,  Teatro Jaguares, Universidad Edo. Mex.,Toluca, México.



March 20 to 23, Naves del Español Matadero, Madrid, Spain.

April 4, Centro Párraga, Murcia, Spain.

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